About the lab
The Fofanov Bioinformatics Lab is part of The School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems (SICCS) at Northern Arizona University. Our primary area of research is in Bioinformatics. This rapidly advancing discipline has emerged due to recent progress in the fields of molecular biology, statistics, computer science, and biotechnology as a result of the dramatic increase in the amount of information available for biomedical scientists. Hundreds of terabytes of genomic data are produced by the scientific community every week, opening previously infeasible directions for research, but at the same time, resulting in enormous computational and algorithmic challenges. Our group focuses on the development of novel statistical and computational methods for the analysis of large volumes of genomic data, as well as applications of these methods to challenges in pathogen detection, metagenome analyses, and bacterial/viral attribution.
The lab is housed in NAU's University Services building (Building 90)