Graduate students
We are always looking for talented graduate students to join the lab. Students interested in pursuing a graduate degree within the areas of interest of Fofanov lab should contact Dr. Fofanov via email at We are particularly interested in taking-on students with strong computer science and/or mathematics backgrounds who have interests in molecular biology and pathogen detection, or biology students who have the ability and desire to develop their quantitative skills.
We have many exciting projects available and have a history of training students for careers in both academia and private industry.
Undergraduate Students
Undergrads are welcome here! We welcome the opportunity to immerse students in real research and computing projects. Here you will have the opportunity to play with the latest technology, and advance both your horizons and career skills.
Interested undergraduates should contact Dr. Fofanov at Applicants should typically be in their junior year and should have completed basic biology, computer science, and mathematics courses. Due to the highly interdisciplinary nature of our research, students should expect extensive cross-disciplinary duties and training opportunities, including sample collection, processing sample, high throughput sequence data analyses, and modeling.